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Latest news

Newfoundland coin sold for $112,713

Monday, April 14, 2014

On April 11, the most expensive coin of Newfoundland was sold at auction for more than CAN $ 112,713. It's a $2 1865 gold coin SP.

Pièce de Terre-Neuve vendue pour 112 713 CAN$

MintChip is for sell

Monday, April 7, 2014

Royal Canadian Mint looking to sell the MintChip business, the electronic currency developed since April 2012. It has never seen the day.

Brief history of MintChip :

  • April 2012 : Announcement of MintChip development
  • October 2012 : The Royal Canadian Mint gives $50,000 in prizes in a competition for the development of related software for MintChip
  • January 2014 : Demonstration in New York of a terminal for electronic transactions
  • February 2014 : Partnership with SecureKey Technologies Inc. to develop a software for secure electronic transactions
  • April 2014 : Christine Aquino, spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mint announces that MintChip seeks to be sold to a private company
  • MintChip is for sell

    It can be read on the website of the Royal Canadian Mint:

    The MintChip™ digital currency employs innovative technology, for which the Mint has prototypes and eight patents pending in all major world markets, and could be the digital equivalent of the coins Canadians use every day to carry out financial transactions with retailers and with each other. It uses a secure chip to hold electronic value and a secure protocol to transfer electronic value from one chip to another.

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