New here! ~ a couple questions.

General discussions about canadian coins.
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New here! ~ a couple questions.

Post by unruhjonny » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:11 pm


I found this site the other day when googling for oms info on Canadian coinage.

I have a little collection (I say little because I have nothing spectacular or really rare) that I have been adding to since my youth.

I have relied on Charlton guides for information on variations as well as mintages.

I have noticed on ebay, and in some circles mintages are published, or varaitions are reveled which I was unaware of previously...

Q#1) Where are people getting mintages? ( doesn't update their info very often it seems)
>How is it that some are indicating on ePay the 2010 Toonie is very low mintage??

Q#2) How are variations officially recognized?
>I noticed in my 2011 Chartelton guide that there are a couple versions of the 1947-ML penny ~ and from rummaging through my "extras", I'm pretty sure I have a couple copies of both the 'pointing between denticle' and 'pointing to denticle' ~ I am normally not a lucky man, so I had to triple check this because the guide suggests that one of the two is quite scarce... but I'm pretty sure I'm not mistaken.

Q#3) re: Fifty cent pieces of late;
The guide shows that none have been issued to banks since somewhere around 2002 ~ but it lists both regular circulation (with a N.I.I. note) ~ and RCM rolls (circulation coinage not sold to banks);
The guide shows many years of late as having:
RCM rolls: 8,000

> Does that mean the mintage of circulation issue fifty cent pieces is 8,000 ~ or 200,000 (8,000 rolls x 25 count)?

Thanks in advance for clearing these issues up for me!!

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Re: New here! ~ a couple questions.

Post by Terry-T » Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:07 pm

Q2; Do you mean 1948? In the 2011 Charlton, there are 2 1947ML varieties listed; blunt and pointed 7, the 1948-49 are the ones with the A to or between denticles.

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Re: New here! ~ a couple questions.

Post by Lightw4re » Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:16 am

Q#1 : The Royal Canadian Mint show the mintage in the annual report or you can try to get it by calling them.

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