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Netherlands 2.5 cent weird coin

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 4:41 pm
by Skygeezer69
Hi to the group. We have cleared out the suite of a senior family member who is 99 years old and just entered a care home. She travelled a lot and has some of the family memorabilia from WWI. The great grandfather served in the Canadian infantry and we have books, diaries, medals and odds and sods of souvenirs he brought back from Europe. One of them is this 1904 Netherlands 2.5 cent coin. All the info I can find about this coin shows a standard solid disk. This coin has been cut out. I suspect that it is a souvenir medallion or token. But the skill to cut out the lion is impressive. It would take a lot of work under a microscope with a very small engraver. I am interested in finding out more about this coin/medallion. Were they a common souvenir item from the Netherlands? Or is this a one off some jeweller did in his spare time. Appreciate any info. Thanks.
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