2018 LOONIE - Die Chip - Grease

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2018 LOONIE - Die Chip - Grease

Postby Madan » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:25 pm

Hello coins experts,

How do we classify this error coin as?

Errors found in
-8 of date 2018
-Both G of D.G Regina
-Neck of the bird

Die grease
-Below D of D.G.Regina looking like X
-Neck of the bird

From some angles it looks like DD also.

Uploading pictures. Your experienced eyes might see more than these.
Advice if it is worth anything more than face value.

2018 Loonie.jpg
2018 Loonie back.jpg
2018 Loonie DATE.jpg
2018 Loonie Dark (2).jpg
2018 Loonie back NECK.jpg

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