How do I effectively scan coins in coin protectors?

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How do I effectively scan coins in coin protectors?

Post by pocoDan » Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:13 pm

Hi, most of my coins are in coin holder such as these: and I am finding it difficult to scan them without pressing down on the coin while it's in the scanner to get a clearer image. I don't really want to take the coins out of the holders because a lot of them have been in holders for more than 20 years and I don't want to go about gunking them up with oil from fingers and re-stapling the holders after I'm done scanning. It's not the holders that are the problem, it's the staples. They raise the holder off the glass and thus leaves me with a blurry image after the scan has been completed, so that's why I have to press down on them a bit while they're being scanned.

One other problem I have - some of the coin holders I have, have been in the protective binder sleeve for at least as long, and they're a bit hard to take out of the sleeve, and when I do, the outside is a bit sticky and it's got all kinds of dust specks on them. I can't clean the plastic to prepare for scanning, so I wonder if it might be advantageous for me to put them into a new coin protector.

Has anyone else come across these problems and how they can be resolved without removing the coins from their holders and placing them directly on the glass?

Thank you!

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Re: How do I effectively scan coins in coin protectors?

Post by Lightw4re » Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:06 am

It's always easier to remove the coin from the Mylar 2x2 protectors before a scan or a picture of it.

Problems while scanning with 2x2 holders:
- curly plastic
- crumbling cardboard
- plastic not 100% translucent

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Re: How do I effectively scan coins in coin protectors?

Post by bushman74 » Tue Jan 26, 2016 11:43 am

To protect your coins from hand oil when handling them buy yourself some cotton gloves. They are inexpensive and should be available from most pharmacies. I know that Calgary COOP has them and have seen them in other stores in Alberta, but they should be available all over Canada. I alway use them when I remove coins from mint rolls to put in 2 x 2's as well as any valuable coins I may have - few as they are.

You mention a problem with the staples. Get some pliers and squeeze the staples. I actually find it better to squeeze each side of the staple separately.

Finally, not sure where you live, however check to see if there is a local Numismatic / coin club. If yes, join it, it amazing what you can learn from the members. I learnt a considerable amount since joining the club in Calgary. We meet the fourth Tuesday of every month (today Jan 26/16) at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association at 1320 - 5th Ave NW. (at the bottom of the 14 St hill from SAIT). Doors open at 18:45 and the meeting starts at 19:30.

A second option if you have an SLR/DSLR camera is to by a macro lens for it. That is what I currently do, however again it is best to not have the coin in a 2 x 2.

Another option is to buy a micro scope that has a camera attached or built into it. I know that Lighthouse in Montreal has a nice little unit that attachs to your computer. It costs $199. You can check with Philippe 514 - 954 - 3617 to get more info. I will be asking him to bring some to the Calgary Numismatic Coin show March 19 and 20.

Good luck


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Re: How do I effectively scan coins in coin protectors?

Post by Shylo » Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:05 pm

My first suggestion is get the coin out of the 2x2! They're cheap and if you're scanning or taking a picture of your coin you'll almost always get a better quality image if it's out of any container.

I don't use cotton gloves... for a few reasons... I don't like "lint" or the thought of the gloves picking up any type of dirt particles and getting onto the coin. I also have some pretty big paws and have a hard time finding any type of glove that will fit my hands. I do however like nitrile gloves. Completely inert and won't harm the coin and they're stretchy to fit most sized hands.

Step 1 - I don't even bother trying to take out the staples of an old 2x2.. I just cut the mylar plastic and remove the coin. Less chance of scratching the coin on a staple or a staple removing tool.

Step 2 - give the coin a little bath in acetone (optional but I do it for all my coins as soon as I get them or if I change their 2x2)

Step 3 - take a photo or scan of your photo

Step 4 - place into a new holder, and have it organized how you like (binder or box or what ever you like)

Step 5 - catalog or create an inventory list of said coin.

If you're not wanting to take it out of the 2x2... I'd say go the plier route as suggested and then try to put it on the scanner...

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