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Bill in Burl
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This C&C site

Post by Bill in Burl » Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:42 am

I always thought that this site was the English version (translated from French) of the numicanada site. I could never figure out why it was mentioned or recommended so many times on other sites, but seemed to never have any posts made. I went to the French site and there are all kinds of new and heavily discussed topics, so I take it that this English site is just for English posts. I saw that I was unable to make any post onto the French site even though I was signed in. Since the Canadiancopper coins site is down, I would suggest that all you English speakers start using this site so that it receives some traffic.

The thread that I wanted to comment on, using the French side, dealt with MK Blais's variety book. In my mind, save your money and do some independent study in other places and with other books or sites. The listings are full and complete, but the population and scarcity data is way off base. As a variety collector for over 40 years and writer or co-author on many studies, papers and presentations, I find a great deal of the data in the book inaccurate.
Bill in Burl

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Re: This C&C site

Post by castor » Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:28 am

Hello Bill in Burl

Yes this site is much quoted in other English forum.

This is because the members of this site are in English and they made their Check-here on "Coinsandcanada."

And that's why this site is often put in reference to be able access all the available information from the French site.

For to participate in discusions on Numicanada French it is also another record.
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Re: This C&C site

Post by bushman74 » Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:32 am

Hi Bill,

As I mentioned in my first posting a few weeks back, definitely has more activity then None of the chat room topics are translated from French to English or vise versa.

Lightw4re does do a good job on his translation for pricing and grading notes.

If you with to participate in the site you may have to register there separately. I have not tried to sign in under my log-in.

It is understandable that that site has considerably more traffic than this one. There are very few French sites for coins, especially Canadian coins. It is the natural place to go.

If you want an English site there are plenty to go to although I think that "Lightw4re" does do an excellent job in trying to run this English site.

I can see that he would get somewhat disappointed or dismayed do to the lack of participation by English readers.

It would be great if we can get more people to participate here.

For those that cannot read French, one way to review what is being posted would be to copy and paste the French text to a French to English translation sites. It is slow to do but informative at times.

Good luck Bill and thanks for your continual input on this site. Also thanks to the others who contribute here.

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