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25 cents 1999 and 2000 Millennium Coins

By thecanadiannumismatist    |   Thursday, 19 October 2023

For the upcoming 21st century, the Royal Canadian Mint planned to issue special circulation coins to be released each month. The reverse designs, to replace the caribou, were selected from over 66,000 designs submitted by Canadians for the Create a Centsation! coin design contest.

25 cents 1999

The 1999 series were made to commemorate the last 1,000 years in Canada. The Mint established a broader relationship with Canada Post to distribute the circulation Millennium coins throughout over 7,000 postal outlets.

Canada Post has traditionally distributed only the Mint's numismatic products. This significantly expanded the breadth of distribution across the country, ensuring most Canadians had access to these coins.


Theme: A Country Unfolds
Artist: Peter Ka-Kin Poon
Mintage: 12,238,559

25 cents 1999 January Canada


Theme: Etched in Stone
Artist: Lonnie Springer
Mintage: 13,985,195

25 cents 1999 February Canada


Theme: The Log Drive
Artist: Marjolaine Lavoie
Mintage: 15,157,061

25 cents 1999 March Canada


Theme: Our Northern Heritage
Artist: Kenojuak Ashevak
Mintage: 15,214,397

25 cents 1999 April Canada


Theme: The Voyageurs
Artist: Sergiy Minenok
Mintage: 14,906,187

25 cents 1999 May Canada


Theme: From Coast to Coast
Artist: Gordon Ho
Mintage: 19,821,722

25 cents 1999 June Canada


Theme: A Nation of People
Artist: Maria H. Sarkany
Mintage: 16,537,018

25 cents 1999 July Canada


Theme: The Pioneer Spirit
Artist: Alzira Botelho
Mintage: 17,621,561

25 cents 1999 August Canada


Theme: Canada Through a Child's Eye
Artist: Claudia Bertrand
Mintage: 31,077,650

25 cents 1999 September Canada


Theme: A Tribute to First Nations
Artist: Jason Edward Read
Mintage: 31,964,487

25 cents 1999 October Canada


Theme: The Airplane Opens the North
Artist: Brian R. Bacon
Mintage: 27,437,677

25 cents 1999 November Canada


Theme: This Is Canada
Artist: J.L. Pierre Provencher
Mintage: 42,927,482

25 cents 1999 December Canada

The complete set was available in a sterling silver collectors' edition for about $150 or as a regular set for $25.

25 cents 2000

The selected 12 designs were made to express Canadians hopes for the new millenium. While the 1999 coins were labeled with their month of issue, the 2000 coins were labeled with the relevant theme.


Theme: Pride
Artist: Donald F. Warkentin
Mintage: 50,749,102

25 cents 2000 January Canada


Theme: Ingenuity
Artist: John Jaciw
Mintage: 35,812,988

25 cents 2000 February Canada


Theme: Achievement
Artist: Daryl Ann Dorosz
Mintage: 35,135,154

25 cents 2000 March Canada


Theme: Health
Artist: Anny Wassef
Mintage: 34,663,619

25 cents 2000 April Canada


Theme: Natural Legacy
Artist: Randy Trantau
Mintage: 36,416,953

25 cents 2000 May Canada


Theme: Harmony
Artist: Haver Demirer
Mintage: 34,604,075

25 cents 2000 June Canada


Theme: Celebration
Artist: Laura Paxton
Mintage: 34,816,329

25 cents 2000 July Canada


Theme: Family
Artist: Wade Stephen Baker
Mintage: 34,320,111

25 cents 2000 August Canada


Theme: Wisdom
Artist: Cezar Serbänescu
Mintage: 33,993,016

25 cents 2000 September Canada


Theme: Creativity
Artist: Eric (Kong Tat) Hui
Mintage: 35,102,206

25 cents 2000 October Canada


Theme: Freedom
Artist: Kathy Vinish
Mintage: 33,251,352

25 cents 2000 November Canada


Theme: Community
Artist: Michelle Thibodeau
Mintage: 34,378,898

25 cents 2000 December Canada

Each circulating coins from 1999 and 2000 were 99.9% nickel

Sets and special editions

25 cents 1999 Set Canada

Sets were also released by the Royal Canadian Mint for these coins, including special ones and silver proof ones. A special medallion was included in the set, both in 1999 and 2000.

Both in January and July 2000, special red coloured coins were also sold in a blister pack with the following text inside the Celebration themed one:

Celebrating our Future

The Celebration coin from the 2000 Millennium Sereies has been given a splash of colour to highlight Canada's Flag - a symbol that is embraced around the world. Bright, dazzling and full of energy, this coin captures the spirit of this dynamic nation.

The coin was designed by Laura Paxton of Thunder Bay, Ontario, one of over 66,000 Canadians who shared their hopes and dreams for the next millennium in the Royal Canadian Mint's Create a Centsation! coin design contest.

Mintage: 25 000 - Diameter: 23.88 mm - Composition: Nickel 99% min. - Weight: 5.050 g

Errors and varieties

Errors for these coins were largely studied by Patrick Glassford and many more were found. The most popular variety is the 2000 Community mule. it can be identified by the P on the obverse, under the queen. Around 5 examples only are known.

Price guide and values

Because most people kept several of these coins, the value, even if a set is complete, isn't very high. Some varieties, mostly rotated die, do have a premium.

25 cents 1990 to 2003 price guide and values

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