1998P USA Dime (damage?)

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1998P USA Dime (damage?)

Post by Stew » Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:37 pm

Hello. I have tried to figure out this 1998P USA 10 cents coin. I first thought I was just damaged, but upon futher look I think it must be some type of error. There is obvious damage to Roosevelts face, but rest of it confuses me. It almost has the look of a 12 sided nickel. What do you think? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Tue Nov 28 17-12-48.jpg
obverse 1
Tue Nov 28 17-12-48.jpg (91.99 KiB) Viewed 3619 times
Tue Nov 28 17-13-18.jpg
obverse 2
Tue Nov 28 17-13-18.jpg (87.86 KiB) Viewed 3619 times
Tue Nov 28 17-12-21.jpg
reverse 1
Tue Nov 28 17-12-21.jpg (87.65 KiB) Viewed 3619 times
Tue Nov 28 17-12-03.jpg
reverse 2
Tue Nov 28 17-12-03.jpg (80.33 KiB) Viewed 3619 times
Tue Nov 28 17-21-00.jpg
looks like a blob of the copper core on the rim
Tue Nov 28 17-21-00.jpg (34.43 KiB) Viewed 3619 times

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Re: 1998P USA Dime (damage?)

Post by Bill in Burl » Tue Nov 28, 2023 7:54 pm

Post-mint damaga. It almost looks like a shim that someone put under a table or chair leg.
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Re: 1998P USA Dime (damage?)

Post by coinguy » Tue Nov 28, 2023 8:53 pm

Definitely damage, it is only an error if it happens during the striking of the coin
and there is nothing on that dime that could happen at that time.

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