1973 PL, LB Set - Sell the set, or just the quarter?

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What's the best course to sell a LB '73 quarter in a set?

Sell it as a set
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Cut out the quarter and sell it on its own
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Cut it out, get it graded, then sell it
Doesn't matter
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Check your inbox, I have an offer!
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1973 PL, LB Set - Sell the set, or just the quarter?

Post by Richards » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:17 am

Hey all,

So recently I finally lucked out on ebay while trying to find myself a large bust 1973 quarter. I spied a Buy It Now listing of the proof like set, three available, only a photo of one of the three as an example and it appeared to be the real deal. I ended up buying all three to guarantee getting the set after confirming it wasn't a stock photo, and lo and behold all three sets had the large bust quarter in them. When all was said and done I spent just over $50 including shipping and the whole shebang.

Not having a need for three however, I was looking to sell two of them. Not having been in this position before, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on selling the coin in the set as opposed to removing it and selling just the coin itself. The collector and OCD in me would hate to tear up a set, but I was wondering where the greater value lies.

Feel free to just answer the poll if you don't feel like posting a reply!


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Re: 1973 PL, LB Set - Sell the set, or just the quarter?

Post by Shylo » Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:16 pm

Do an experiment....

Break one up have it confirmed by a TPG and sell it individually...

Sell the other as a set....

My hunch is that the individual TPG will have a better sale price than the entire set... but that's just my guess....

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