radar replacement notes

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radar replacement notes

Post by karlpc » Thu Dec 08, 2022 1:24 pm

is anyone aware of a website/catalogue that gives prices for radar notes that are also replacements?

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Re: radar replacement notes

Post by momomomo » Fri Dec 09, 2022 9:20 am

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Re: radar replacement notes

Post by Nota_phil » Sat Dec 10, 2022 8:52 pm

Most collectors refer to the Charlton Canadian Government Paper Money catalogue (or CGPM for short).

Here's the Charlton Press site:
https://www.charltonpress.com/collectio ... tions-2023

-but you could also buy a gently used catalogue on eBay for much less than the new issue (& a year old catalogue is usually very similar to the newest editions with minor gaps in the more recent issues/signatures naturally). When I started collecting, I used to pour over a copy at our library (Reference section) & sometimes photocopied the pricing tables of a particular series I was after. Later, I bought another collector's copy & finally (several years later) picked up a new copy for myself. What a revelation. Getting a catalogue can be a huge step in a collector's life since it contains incredibly helpful data & if read/absorbed, can truly give you a big jump over many other more casual collectors (who choose to tap into online resources only). First off, it allowed me to form a few collector goals & get a clear idea of which banknotes I wanted to acquire. There were several other benefits but I won't go into those.

It is very seldom that a collector encounters a "double-whammy" radar-replacement but when one does, the general rule of thumb is to add the premium for the radar (seen at the back of the book under Radar/Special Number section) & add this to the premium for the Replacement itself. It's not the perfect formula & there are many collectors willing to bid much higher than the combined total (form some series) so that's about all I can recommend.

At least it is a starting point (& remember to try to factor in the condition which is also difficult but must be done). I know no site that functions as a catalogue other than Numista but this is pretty much a coin site that has just begun to catalogue world banknotes. It, like C&C, relies on accurate prices/data inputed by the site's users & are often out of touch with the prices most sellers ask for (so I'm unsure how helpful you will find it). Hope that helps!
Numista's banknotes:
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