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Books and Catalogues

The products listed are sold by multiple affiliates, partners, authors and other websites. Coinsandcanada doesn't directly buy or sell any products. As most of the stuff on the Coinsandcanada's store comes from other sources, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy or timeliness of any products or the quality, safety, or legality of what is offered.

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2020 Charlton Canadian Government Paper Money - 32nd Edition

Sold by: Ebay

$37.95 CAD

Canadian Colonial Tokens 10th Edition - Charlton Standard Catalogue

New Editor: Clément Chapados-Girard English version 250 pages. Heavily reworked edition. All prices revised. Hundreds of pictures added. L...

Sold by: Ebay

$39.95 CAD

2020 Charlton Royal Canadian Mint Issues - 10th Edition

Sold by: Ebay

$39.99 CAD

2020 Charlton Standard Catalogue - 73rd Edition

Sold by: Ebay

$26.95 CAD

100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins - 4th Edition

In this richly illustrated coffee-table book, distinguished numismatists Scott Schechter and Jeff Garrett take you on a personal guided tour of the mo...

Sold by: Whitman

$29.95 USD

2020 Red Book - Price Guide of U.S. Coins

Spiral bound....

Sold by: Ebay

$16.05 CAD

Coins are Like Songs - The Upper Canada Coppers, 1815-1841

By Christopher Faulkner...

Sold by: Ebay

$125.00 CAD

The Holey Dollars and Dumps of Prince Edward Island

By Christopher Faulkner...

Sold by: Ebay

$45.00 CAD

Imperial Designs Canada's Ships, Colonies & Commerce Tokens

Spink & Son Ltd, London, 2019. Hardcover, 435 pages, well illustrated, dust jacket. Chapter One explains the historical meaning behind the presence...

Sold by: Ebay

$115.00 CAD

Charlton Canadian Banknotes 9th Edition

It has been practically five years since the last update, and naturally much has changed in that time. Price movements have occurred in both direction...

Sold by: Ebay

$119.95 CAD

Erreurs et variétés des monnaies canadiennes - Format USB

USB format. Volume 1: 1 cent 274 pages in color, 8.5 x 11, 1,500 errors and varieties, 1 800 pictures, in english and french....

Sold by: Christian Houle

$35.00 CAD

2019 Canadian Circulating Coins, Tokens Paper Money

This Catalogue is showing the prices realized in auctions up to the Beginning of 2018(at least 8 years of auctions) and is in color, it includes: C...

Sold by: Ebay

$16.95 CAD

2019 Canadian Mint Collector's Coins

This Catalogue is showing the prices realized in auctions and is in color, it includes: Canadian Mint Collector's Coins, 167 pages, from 1858. Spec...

Sold by: Ebay

$9.95 CAD

St. George Tokens The Bank of Upper Canada - 2nd Edition

Here is the second edition of this improved work of Eugene G. Courteau for his book published in 1934 and entitled ęThe St. George copper tokens of th...

Sold by: Ebay

$38.95 CAD

100 Greatest U.S. Error Coin

Expert dealers, collectors, researchers, and historians have all weighed in on their opinions of the 100 all-time greatest examples of American coinag...

Sold by: Whitman

$29.95 USD

A Guide Book of Canadian Coins, 1st Edition

This is the "Red Book" of Canadian coins, a new reference authored by expert numismatist James Haxby. It covers every Canadian and provincial coinage ...

Sold by: Whitman

$19.95 USD

2019 Official Red Book of United States Coins - Spiral Bound

The Official Red Book - A Guide Book of United States Coins - is 72 years young and going strong. Collectors around the country love the book's grade-...

Sold by: Whitman

$15.95 USD

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