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Miramichi Coin Club Medals

By Randy Larsen | Sunday, October 22, 2006

1970 - Shipbuilding on the Miramichi

The 1970 Miramichi Coin Cub Shipbuilding Medal was struck to commemorate the era of wooden shipbuilding on the Miramichi River. In view of the importance of shipbuilding in the development of the Atlantic Provinces and in particular of New Brunswick, it seems appropiate to honor this great age of wooden ships and tall sails.

The obverse shows a three-quarter view of a barque in full sail representing the great ships which were launched on the river. The words "SHIP BUILDING" are above the ship and "MIRAMICHI / NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA" is below. "1773" is on the left and "1919" on the right. These dates record the known period of shipbuilding in the area. The designers initials are below the bowsprit.

The reverse features the crest of hte Miramichi Coin Club, which depicts a leaping Atlantic salmon and the words "MIRAMICHI / COIN CLUB / SALMO SALAR". Salmo Salar is the scientific name for the Atlantic salmon. The mint mark is below the salmon.

Artwork for the medal was done by Richard Howe, the noted Miramichi artist. Historical information was supplied by Dr. Louise Manny, noted New Brunswick historian. The medals were released at the 2nd Annual Miramichi Coin Club Show held May 2nd, at the Newcastle, N.B. Town Hall.

These medals were struck by Lombardo Mint of Sherbrooke and comprise 400 pieces in bronze with an antiqued finish, 100 in .999 silver with an antiqued finish and 6 in 24kt. gold. All are serially numbered on the edge. They are 39mm with a plain edge.

1967-1977 - 10th Anniversary Medal

1967-1977 - 10th Anniversary Medal Miramichi Coin Club

Issued to commemmorate the 10th anniversary of the Miramichi Coin Club. The inaugural meeting was held at the United Church Center in Newcastle on June 20, 1967. The club name "Miramichi" was chosen as it was representative of the greater and did not identify with any specific place name within the region.

The obverse features the Newcastle Court House and the crest of the Town of Newcastle on the left. Saint Michael's Church and the crest of the Town of Chatham are on the right. These two features are seperated by the Miramichi River with the Chatham Centennial Bridge at top and the Newcastle Mossissey Bridge at the bottom. This design is truly representative of the area with Chatham being located on the south bank of the river and Newcastle on the north, about 10 kilometers apart. They are the two major towns in this area of New Brunswick. At the top are the dates "1967 - 1977" and "NUMISMATICS ON THE MIRAMICHI" around the bottom.

The reverse has the logo of the Miramichi Coin Club, the Atlantic salmon for which the area is renowned. The mint mark appears at the bottom.

The obverse was designed by Coni Hachey, a member of the club. The reverse was designed by noted Miramichi artist, Richard Howe of Nordin.

Lombardo Mint of Sherbrooke struck 250 in bronze and 150 in .999 silver, both with an antiqued finish, and 7 in 22kt. gold. They have a plain edge. All are serially numbered on the edge with the gold and silver also hallmarked. The silver was sold only in matched sets of two with the bronze medal. A particular numbered set could be pre-ordered if so desired.

For some unexplained reason the bronze medallions numbered one to thirteen were stamped "Made in Canada". The mint was contacted to ascertain why these were so stamped. No adequate explanation seems available.

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